About us

Wordlclass interior designs

We are an Interior Design Company based in Bangalore, established in 2016 and have been since working on state of art interior design and services projects across Bangalore and Hyderabad!


Modular Kitchens

When it comes to Kitchen, space planning is most important. Our interior designers will provide you the best modular kitchen designs that are customized based on your requirements on various aspects such as base cabinets, wall cabinets, pull out units, open shelves, corner shelves, kitchen accessories, pantry units, breakfast counters etc. Precisely anticipating the size and number of base cabinets required in the Kitchen will ensure that you will have great convenience, and our interior designers will help you in making the right choice.


Modular Wardrobes

Wardrobe is one of the essential elements of a bedroom, and our team helps you in making the right decision as to which type (Sliding Door Wardrobe, Traditional Wardrobe with normal doors, Walk-in Wardrobe), is the best fit for your needs, taste, ease of use, etc.

The sliding door wardrobe offers you more space as there is no extra space needed to open the doors outwards. The number of styling options and designs for sliding doors are plenty. For instance, you can personalize the doors by using different colored glasses.


Bedroom Interiors

It’s estimated we spend a third of our lives in our bedrooms, so this room deserves the best. It is a very important place where people relax after the long day activities. Therefore it is very essential to have a well decorated bedroom for your comfort and healthy sleeping. Being a busy person, all you need is a bedroom that will help you relax and reduce the stress of the day.


Living Room Interiors

There is nothing like crafting a well-designed living room that is suitable for enjoying family time and entertaining loved ones. The primary spot sets the tone for the rest of your home’s decor. It is the focal point of a home and it’s position between kitchen and bedroom acts as a natural centre.